2014: A Year in Review

This past July a group of fine young and enthusiastic filmmakers converged on Living Water College of the Arts for an intense introductory study of film production, faith formation and intellectual study. The “Truth In Motion” Film program introduced students to the world of film by having them shoot their own short films after spending a week shadowing the professional crew of Eric Spoeth’s “Waiting for Waldemar”.

Truth in Motion: Film Program

A 2014 Course in Review


The summer program emphasised the overwhelming importance of “story” as the most essential component of any great film. Liberal Arts instructor, Mr. Jake Schmiedicke, emphasized, “Story is king! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. It’s not special effects. It’s not fancy new cameras. It’s not an A-list actor. Story is where it’s at. If you can master the art of good stories, you will already be making better movies than most coming out of Hollywood today.” And so it was that the students entered into their 4-week immersion to discover the art of story and film.

Living in community, the students were engaged in the foundational principles of the College: Faith, Art and Reason. Fr. Leonard Revilla MFVA guided staff and students with a joy and faithfulness that was contagious and felt far beyond the confines of the College. His ministry, in his own words, was a “ministry of presence”; a ministry that taught us about the “story” of our redemption & salvation that is the same yesterday, today and forever. He celebrated daily Mass and Eucharistic adoration, lead morning and evening prayer, provided opportunities for confession and spiritual direction and helped the students immerse themselves in the truth of our faith. Fr. Leonard’s ministry was not limited to the spiritual life of the students but he also shared his expertise in television and media, utilized regularly in his work with EWTN.

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2013: A Year in Review

2013 was a quieter summer for Living Water College with just one course in operation, but the art produced by our 4th Iconography Program was beautiful and profound. Please enjoy a review of the summer in the below link.

Iconography: Made in His Likeness

A 2013 Course in Review

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Considering all the media and the multiplicity of creative means of expressing yourself artistically, why would someone study Iconography? Whereas most art-forms encourage the artist to be creative, iconography does just the opposite. The iconographer strives to reproduce with exactness the icon he is copying. Just as ancient scribes painstakingly strove to copy the Sacred Scriptures without any variation from the original, so also does the iconographer. Why then do people find this work compelling? Is it attractive simply because it has stood the test of time, or has it stood the test of time because it is attractive? In other words, is this just another form of folk art, or is there a greater attraction here?

This year, in the Living Water College Iconography Program, Made in His Likeness, not only did students learn how to paint an icon of the glorious St. Michael the Archangel, but, through daily readings and seminars, the students entered into a discussion of beauty itself and what it is that makes the icon so attractive...

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2012: A Year in Review

The 2012 Summer Programs marked another successful season for the College. The inspiring resurgence of interest in iconography was beautifully apparent in our 3rd Iconography course, and the community that formed itself singing every day in our Sacred Choral Program caught the spark of great church music. Continue down the page to find links which share our stories and pictures from 2012.

Windows of Light: Iconography

A 2012 Course in Review

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Iconography is a contemplative craft, yet one that draws you out of yourself the further you enter the process. As our students will tell you, it is an intimate encounter with the subject of the icon. Our group was able to introduce themselves to St. John the Baptist over 17 days, coming to know him not only as one of the first figureheads of the Church, but as an individual who engaged them as a personal connection to God.

The Iconography 2012 students were a calm and easy-going bunch, settling into the intensive daily schedule with seeming ease and readiness. As the longest course in iconography yet, there was a balance to the schedule which fit with the personality of the class. We had 4 returning students who lent their expertise to their less experienced fellows and everyone enjoyed the opportunity to work on St. John the Baptist for the first time...


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Summer Music Program

A 2012 Course in Review

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Singing at the Mass at St. Joseph’s Basilica (Edmonton) was a fitting culmination to Summer Programs of 2012.  Amid strains of the string quintet and the booming vocals of the pipe organ, the voice of Living Water College soared with words of praise and worship. This event marked the end of the Sacred Choral Program, a course of comprehensive choral study in polyphony, Gregorian chant, various motets and instruction perfecting vocal technique and music comprehension...

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2011: A Year in Review

It was an exciting landmark to open the halls of Living Water to yet another class of visual art students this year; the first time the college has run two programs in one year. We would like to share with you some thoughts on the programs, as well as a collection of photos from each. Continue down the page to find links to our two review pages.

Iconography: The Gospel in Paint

A 2011 Course in Review

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May 21 was a particularly rich day for the students of Living Water College of the Arts, and, judging from the response of the guests in attendance, it was not only a profound experience for the students but for everyone present. Guests found the blessing of icons to be reverent and very meaningful at a personal level, while the students experienced the blessing in a more profound way. They each had spent a very full two weeks looking into the face of Jesus and watching him emerge quietly, yet personally, on the board they painted. ...

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Back to the Roots: Classical Painting and Drawing

A 2011 Course in Review

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Back to the Roots: A Program of Classical Drawing and Painting was a great success. Each student created 4 or more pieces of art, some as many as 9, employing a variety of techniques and subjects. Beginning with basic form and line in pencil drawings, the students moved on to do sketch work, grisaille (painting in monochrome with shades of gray), and then on to colour with oil and acrylic. ...

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