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IntegrationArt, Faith, and Reason are the three principles upon which Living Water College is built, and these are also the three pillars which the students will diligently build upon during their time of study. To this end, the program is integrated into a working blend of liberal and fine art classes with ample time and opportunity for spiritual development.

The integration of Living Water’s program is an essential part of what sets it apart from other fine arts or Catholic post-secondary schools. No other program is known to purposefully combine these elements. What occurs is a productive combination that balances the artist and creates a strong and noble character in mind, body and spirit.

Our program involves:

  • DiscussionDeveloping the students’ capacity for right thinking so it can support their faith life and inform the art they create
  • Academic studies in the Classical Liberal Arts using Socratic Dialogue, the Great Books, and great works of Art both classical historic and contemporary
  •  Development of personal faith through its daily practice and application
  • The development of technical skills in the Arts of Film Production through practical, hands-on experience
  • Sessional instruction by artists in their field of specialization
  • A practicum/field study component and Mentorship Program
  • The development of a professional portfolio that tangibly displays the graduate’s talent, skill and experience