Studying the Arts in a Christian Community

Living Water College of the Arts is a faithfully Catholic institution. The inerrancy of Holy Scripture, the reality of the Trinity, the identity of Christ Jesus, fully human and fully divine, the virgin birth, the forgiveness of sins, and salvation by grace: these truths are held by the Living Water College of the Arts and shared by most Christian denominations world-wide. Open dialogue allows the College to remain consistent in its Catholic identity while respecting the confessions of others.

massAt Living Water College of the Arts, engaged learners will be able to:

  • Study the arts without compromising their morals or faith.
  • Develop their talents in a community of other artists
  • Live, learn and grow in Christian community.

community 2Current Campus

Living Water College currently operates out of a multi-function building, complete with classrooms, dormitories, chapel, library, recording and drama studios, offices, kitchen and cafeteria.